The items created with Play-Doh were an Xbox controller, a spider and a bat, it’s not really important to me because, well, those are my preferences, on the Xbox controller, it’s because I like and play Xbox, the spider is because I like Spider-Man, and some spiders, and the bat because, well, Batman, I like him too.

I saw other people doing different things they like to and wish to do, for example, one person made a cake because they wish to cook or like to cook, another made a basketball because they like playing basketball, and another made a musical note because they like music, the one that interested me was the music one because it’s actually interesting to see what that person can do with an instrument. Sometimes when I see other people’s dream, I look on the person to see if they might actually achieve that goal, I may be right, I may be wrong, but their path is not mine to judge, I let time do it’s job just like time’s doing it with me.

The assignment was to create something that show us what we like, to think of something (or as it is called now, brainstorming), when I brainstormed, it wasn’t really a storm, because I already had some things in mind, well the draft, I just wrote and stuff, not much editing was done, just some adjustments, and rhetorical situation, well, since it’s basically author, genre, and all that jazz, well I guess it’s OK.

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